Why we need your help

Donations from people like you are critical in advancing the search for cancer cures. While our internationally recognised cancer researchers have great success in securing competitive project grants, these grants rarely fund new innovative projects or the state-of-the-art technologies and resources needed to undertake these research projects. By donating to Peter Mac, you will help give some of the brightest minds in cancer research the specialised technologies they need to make important new discoveries. 

 Our donors:

  • give leading researchers the specialised resources they need to discover cancer cures
  • provide seed funding to help internationally recognised researchers explore bold new research ideas that could change the way we think about cancer
  • fund the purchase of new clinical technologies so that Peter Mac patients have access to cutting-edge new treatments that offer the best chance of successful treatment
  • help ensure we have access to a sustainable source of income, that will support our work for generations to come. Every donation, whether large or small, plays an important role in Peter Mac’s work.

Thank you for your support in the fight against cancer.

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