Peter Mac Endowment Fund

The Peter Mac Endowment Fund is a growing permanent corpus of funds that, invested, generates a stream of income for research at Peter Mac. Your gift to the Peter Mac Endowment Fund will help ensure our researchers have access to funding for generations to come. Your investment will support innovative research projects and strategic research recruitments.

Our Peter Mac Endowment Fund members are a small but powerful group of donors with the vision and capacity to help us rapidly accelerate the pace of discovery in cancer. They have enabled Peter Mac to kick-start over 100 exciting new cancer research projects.

Selected through rigorous peer review, these projects are some of the boldest and most innovative research proposals, with the potential to enable major advances in our understanding of how best to fight cancer.

Peter Mac Endowment Fund supporters who give $25,000 or more are recognised in perpetuity, and thus forever linked with Australia’s pre-eminent cancer centre. Such gifts can be pledged over a period of up to five years.

To discuss this opportunity further, please contact or call 1800 111 440.

To view the type of ground-breaking Peter Mac cancer research projects that are established thanks to the generosity of donors to the Endowment Fund click here

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