Sponsorships and marketing

Sponsor a Peter Mac event 

A great way to partner with Peter Mac is to sponsor a Peter Mac fundraising event. You will help fight cancer, and at the same time deliver clear benefits to your business. Tailored sponsorships can: 

   • Build positive awareness of your brand or product 

   • Increase staff engagement and team building

   • Facilitate client and stakeholder engagement and hospitality 

   • Increase traffic to online and offline shopfronts.

Sponsorships are available for: 

The Peter Mac Cup

The longest running charity football match in AFL, this high-profile fundraising event is backed by Collingwood Football Club and Carlton Football Club. To learn more about sponsorship opportunities, please contact [email protected] or call (03) 8559 6777.


Cause-related marketing 

Many organisations see business benefits in partnering with Peter Mac to drive sales of their product or service. Differentiate your business from competitors by partnering with Peter Mac on a cause related marketing (CRM) activity. 

To speak to us about CRM opportunities, please contact [email protected] or call 1800 111 440.

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