Workplace giving (Payroll giving)

Workplace giving is an easy way to support Peter Mac. For organisations, it’s also a great way to build team morale, and to demonstrate to clients and suppliers that you are committed to Peter Mac’s work. For employees, it’s a simple way for you to make donations from your pre-tax salary and not have to worry about holding onto receipts.

Organisations involved in this type of giving typically make a commitment to promote workplace giving to their staff. Many organisations also choose to match the donations made by their employees.

Once a staff member has indicated they would like to support Peter Mac through workplace giving, regular donations are automatically deducted from their pre-tax salary via your payroll system or through an online giving platform. Your staff can decide the amount they would like to donate.

Workplace giving is simple to administer, and gives your employees tax advantages. It can also provide Peter Mac with a stable stream of support, so it’s a great way to help fight cancer.

To find out more information on how you can get your organisation involved in workplace giving and become a workplace giving partner, please contact us at or call 1800 111 440.


What you'll receive as a workplace giving partner 


• Guidance on setting up your program
• Regular impact communication
• Exclusive opportunities to engage and hear from Peter Mac Researchers
• Information and case studies for inclusion in your communications to staff and other stakeholders


Getting started 


To set up workplace giving at your organisation, all you need to do is set up payroll donations and then encourage your staff to sign up.


Setting up donations


There are two ways you can set up Workplace Giving for your organisation.

     1. Third party platform

Using a platform provides an easy to navigate and streamlined process for your payroll team and staff. You will find further set up instructions via their website. Staff are able to create accounts, choose a charity and donation amount and manage their contributions themselves.

There are several platforms you can use and our preferred platform is Good2Give. The use of a third-party platform does however incur a fee, unlike bank transfers.

     2. Bank Transfer 

You can set up your Workplace Giving program internally through regular bank transfers that coincide with your pay cycle. For assistance with this, we suggest visiting the ATO website.
In order to set up a bank transfer, please fill out the enquiry form. Once you have completed the form you will receive the deposit details.


Individual employees


If you are an employee wondering how you can sign up or get your workplace on board, we recommend speaking to your HR or Payroll team. If your organisation does not already have a program set up, you can refer them to the information provided above.


Business donations and fundraising 


To make a business donation or corporate gift (this does not include company matching for payroll giving) please use our online donor form or contact

Alternatively, if you're interested in fundraising for us, find more information on our fundraising


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