Memorable gifts prior to 2000

The following donors funded the purchase of equipment and furniture for Peter Mac refurbishments in the years prior to 2000. We thank them for their generous support. 

East Malvern 3DB Tennis Club, 1983 

Family of Mrs Heather Cull 

Family of Melita Grace Conley 

Mr Peter T Bruce in memory of Professor Ian Aird late of Hammersmith Hospital, London 

Irene and Margaret Stewardson Charitable Trusts, 1983 

In memory of Gwendoline May Kennedy by her husband, 1983

Estate of Dorothy Ipsen Family of George Dolman, September 1990 

In memory of Rev W S Laity, the gift of his wife, 1966 

Friends of Effie Papadopoulos at Albert Park High School Sylvia & Roy Edge-Nevin, 1991 

In memory of Neil Merton Cole-Sinclair by his wife 

Alice Lillian Murphy 

Mrs Monica Donaldson in memory of her husband, Thomas 

In memory of William Albert Richards by his wife, 1983 

Whisky Mike C B Radio Club Students and staff of the Knit n Stretch Doncaster, 1983 

Baulderstone Family in memory of their mother and father 

Mrs Florence A McNaughtan 

Friends of Mrs Margaret McKenzie 

Family and friends of Mrs Margaret Sedsman 

In memory of Keith Hamilton Edwards, the gift of his family

Staff of the Mercantile Mutual Insurance Co Ltd 

Family and friends of Guiseppe Giarratana 

In memory of Jean Berlin by her husband 

Anne Frances Murphy 

Dorothy Ipsen, a dear friend of Betty Potter 

George Alfred Henry Lynch in loving memory of his sister Ruby Marguerita Lynch, 1981 

Mary Radcliffe in honour of Christopher Radcliffe 

Friends of A C (Lex) Langtree in the advertising and media industries 

Family and friends of Filippa Ventura, 1987 

Lions Club of Ringwood 

Mrs Robert McClelland in honour of Mr and Mrs D F Smith 

Members of the All Seasons Social Club 

In memory of Morris Gordon by his daughter 

R.O.A.B, G.L.V, G.L.E, City of Footscray, Lodge no 79 in memory of the Right Hon. Sir Harry Noonan P.G.P 

Wine & Spirit Trade Representatives Association 

Family of Isabella and Edwin Jones 

Family and friends of Mrs Jacqueline Toni Fetter 

Mrs E M Vogele 

In memory of Sophia Hrimow by her son 

Family of Archibald Nicolson Ries Wife and family of Sam Abbott, 1983 

In memory of May Titford by her husband 

Members of the "Y" Club 

Family of U Strolla 

Son of Mrs Rosa Alagona 

Family of George Ormond Richards 

In memory of the late Mrs J A Forrest, the gift of the Canterbury Congregation 

Staff of the Australian Government Clothing Factory, December 1977 

Family and friends of Antonio Pacifico, 1988 

Lodge and Chapter Shalom on B'nai B'rith, a Jewish service organization, 1986/1987 

Mr Roy Sayer's family, friends and colleagues at the Protestant Alliance Friendly Society 

Wife and family of George McRobert B'nai B'rith Jewish Opportunity Shop Josies, 1989 

Family and friends of Mrs Carmela Salustro, 1991 

Plus 2 Boutique, 1983

Family and friends of Mr Giuseppe Tabacco, 1989 

Peter MacCallum Hospital Auxiliary 

Family and friends of Mr Bruno Taverna, 1988 

Family and friends of John Douglas Dunn 

Family of Frances Lewinsohn, 1994 

Family of Mrs Ethel May Kernick



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