Significant gifts over $10,000

Peter Mac was grateful to receive major contributions from a number of generous individuals and organisations in 2018/19. These gifts and fundraising proceeds allowed us to take significant steps forward in cancer research and care. We are truly thankful for this generous support.

Our thanks go to:

Akhurst, Bruce & Jane

Alan and Kate Gibson Foundation

Alfred & Jean Dickson Foundation

Amarant, Roseanne; in memory of Rosalie Mordech

The Andrew & Geraldine Buxton Foundation

Armstrong, Debra & Michael

Arnold Bloch Leibler

Bagot Gjergja Foundation

Basset, Paul & Sharon & Family

Besen Family Foundation

Calvert-Jones, Mr John & Mrs Janet

The CASS Foundation

Chen, Jane & Jack

CLEARbridge Foundation

Coghill, Wendy

Collier Charitable Fund

Coombs Family; In memory of Adele Coombs

Daly Family; In memory of Len & Eleanor Rieper

Davis, Brian M

Davis, John & Catherine & Family

Donald Ratcliffe and Phyllis Macleod Trust Fund

Dry July Foundation

The Eirene Lucas Foundation

Earle Family Endowment

Edwards Foundation

Eisman, Jeffrey, David & Evie; In loving memory of Dr Judy Eisman

Elton, Michael & Karen

Foy, Simon; In memory of Alexia Foy

Fysh, Stuart

The Geok Hua Wong Charitable Trust

George Family; In memory of Nola & Wes

Georgiou, John

Graf Family

Hamilton, Geoff & Jan

The Harbig Family Foundation

Harold Mitchell Foundation

Hayes Girling Financial & Court Charitable Foundation

Heckes Family

Holmes, Sandy; In memory of Mr John Hurlston

Ian Rollo Currie Estate Foundation

ISPT Pty Ltd

The J and R McGauran Trust

Jack & Madeline Little Foundation

Jeffery, Keith & Mary

Jo White Bequest

Johnson, Ian & Dale

Jones, Timothy

Lear Family

Leyland Private Asset Management

The Laby Foundation

Li, Ying

The Lionel & Yvonne Spencer Trust

Lord Mayor's Charitable Foundation

MacKenzie Family Foundation

McGowan, Darren & Natalina

Mee, Yvonne in memory of Russell Mee

The Miller Foundation

Mitchell, Bevelly

Moritz, Peter & Bernie

Morrisroe, Liam

Morse, Cameron & Rebecca

North, Mr Colin

Oke, Mr Peter & Mrs Judith

Oldmeadow, Mr Graeme & Family

O'Sullivan Family Gifts at Australian Philanthropic Services Foundation

Ovarian Cancer Australia

Packer Family Foundation

Peterson, John & Tibby

Polasek, Betsy

Pratt Foundation

Quinn Johansson Foundation

Roberts Family; In memory of James Roberts

Ross AM, Mrs Margaret S

Rozakeas, Konstantinos & Family

Russell, Peter

Sharples, Peter

Dr Sue Fowler Ovarian Cancer Research

Syndesmos Maniaton "Mani"

Tatchell, Jenny

Ted & Lila Seehusen Foundation

TG & JM Matthews Foundation

Vectron Systems

Victorian Private Geriatric Hospitals (VPGH Ltd)

Village Roadshow Limited

The Walk Family

Walter & Nancy Lascelles Memorial Trust

Ward-Eddington-Burgess Family Endowment

Warriner, David

Whiteoak, Lois; In memory of Gillian Elizabeth Neary & Elizabeth Anne Sivell

Wilson, Keith & Moyna

Zagame Family


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