Significant gifts over $10,000

Peter Mac was grateful to receive major contributions from a number of generous individuals and organisations in 2019/20. These gifts and fundraising proceeds allowed us to take significant steps forward in cancer research and care. We are truly thankful for this generous support.

Our thanks go to:

Akhurst, Bruce & Jane
Alan and Kate Gibson Foundation
Alfred & Jean Dickson Foundation
Amarant, Roseanne; in memory of Rosalie Mordech
Armstrong, Debra & Michael
Bagot Gjergja Foundation
Baron, Natalie & Stewart
Bassat, Paul & Sharon & Family
Bell Charitable Fund
Besen Family Foundation
Bolam, Family; In memory of Kate Bolam
Broomhead, Malcolm
Calvert-Jones, Mr John & Mrs Janet
Chen, Jane & Jack
CLEARbridge Foundation
Coghill, Wendy
Coghlan, Mark & Liz
Collier Charitable Fund
Collins, Peter Maxwell
Coombs Family; In memory of Adele Coombs
Daly Family; In memory of Len & Eleanor Rieper
Davis, Brian M
Davis, John & Catherine & Family
Diamond, Mr & Mrs Jack & Maria
Donald Ratcliffe and Phyllis Macleod Trust Fund
Dr Sue Fowler Ovarian Cancer Research
Earle Family Endowment
Edwards Foundation
Eisman, Jeffrey, David & Evie; In loving memory of Dr Judy Eisman
Elton, Michael & Karen
Fysh, Stuart
Graf Family
Hamilton, Geoff & Jan
Harold Mitchell Foundation
Hawkins, Janet
Howard, Russell
Ian Rollo Currie Estate Foundation
Joe White Bequest
Jones, Timothy
Kelm, Michael
Lear Family
Li, Ying
Llewelyn, Jennifer; In memory of Brian Llewelyn
Lord Mayor’s Charitable Foundation
MacKenzie Family Foundation
McMeckan Family Foundation
Mee, Yvonne; In memory of Russell Mee
Michell, Henry
Moritz, Peter & Bernie
Moritz, Peter & Bernie
Nazarene House of Prayer
Nhian, Chhit Kim Sea
Oldmeadow, Mr Graeme & Family
Packer Family Foundation
Patinyotis, Alexia
Peter G Boundy
Peterson, John & Tibby
Pfitzner, Peter; In memory of Elaine Joy Pfitzner
Polasek, Betsy
Pratt Foundation
Price Family Foundation
Quinn Johansson Foundation
RobMeree Foundation
Ross AM, Mrs Margaret S
Rothfield, John & Mark; In memory of Rae Rothfield
Shand, Tony
Sharples, Peter
Skewes, Dr & Mrs, David & Lorelle
State Trustees Australia Foundation
Stephen, John
Stonham, Kim; In memory of Brett Harpley
Tatchell, Jenny
Ted & Lila Seehusen Foundation
TG & JM Matthews Foundation
The Andrew & Geraldine Buxton Foundation
The CASS Foundation
The Eirene Lucas Foundation
The Harbig Family Foundation
The Holckner Family
The Honourable Roger Gyles
The Laby Foundation
The Lin Huddleston Charitable Foundation
The Penn Foundation
Vectron Systems
Victorian Private Geriatric Hospitals
(VPGH Ltd)
Village Roadshow Limited
Ward-Eddington-Burgess Family Endowment
William Angliss (Vic) Charitable Fund
Wood, Mr Kevin & Mrs Nancy & Family


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