Alison's story


“In April 2009, I was diagnosed with stage 3 (the most serious stage) of multiple myeloma, cancer of the bone marrow.

My first thought was of my five children who were aged between nine and sixteen.

On the day of diagnosis, in a fog of utter confusion, I was told that ‘in the last few years money has been directed into research about myeloma and patients are doing better now than ever before.’ I was given hope.

I required surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy and from the beginning of my treatment my community supported me, bringing dinner every evening to feed my large family.

Early on I vowed I’d do more with my life, not less. I’ve written a book now, ‘The Jones Family Food Roster’ and done hikes I would never have previously contemplated.

The book is about the power of community, parenting during a time of crisis, empowerment through challenge and hope, seen through the lens of my diagnosis and treatment.

All author royalties from the book are being donated for cancer research at the Peter Mac. I plan to raise $1 million dollars for cancer research so that other frightened patients, sitting in that chair as the word ‘cancer’ slices through them for the first time, can be given hope, just as I was.”

Alison Jones, Peter Mac patient.

The Jones Family Food Roster is published by Nero, an imprint of Schwartz Publishing Pty Ltd. To order a copy, visit:

Alison is alive because of investment in cancer research.

But every four minutes, another person like Alison is told they have cancer. Your donation to Peter Mac will fund vital cancer research to help give every cancer patient the best chance of cure.