David's Story

Because of your support, David spent another Christmas with his new grandchildren

“I have a heartfelt appreciation for everyone who supports Peter Mac," father of three and grandfather of four, David Chan, said. "Facing cancer is difficult, and you don’t realise how important cancer research is until you are actually impacted by it.

"Your generous support enabled me to receive excellent advice and the best care available and see my family grow. For that I will be forever grateful. Thank you.” 

David is four years cancer-free and extremely grateful to have been offered innovative robotic surgery when he was diagnosed with prostate cancer. Robotic surgery allows surgeons to perform complex surgery through keyhole incisions. The nature of the surgery is less invasive, making recovery time quicker.

“Because of the advancements and tremendous Peter Mac resources available to me, I’ve been around for the birth of three more grandchildren,” David said.

David had absolutely no idea his cancer had spread until after it was removed.  At a follow-up appointment with his Peter Mac urologist and surgeon, A/Prof Declan Murphy, David discovered there had already been a small spread of cancer outside his prostate, which was successfully removed during surgery.

“If I’d waited, it could have spread further outside the prostate," David said. "That would have been a disaster.”


By supporting Peter Mac's cancer research, you're giving people like David more time with their families. Thank you. 

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