Liz's Story

"When I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer I was stunned. It was as if my life had come to an end.”- Liz Bufton

Six years ago, grandmother Liz Bufton received what she thought was a death sentence. After being diagnosed with ovarian cancer, Liz and her family embarked on a long road as she underwent two surgeries followed by radiotherapy at Peter Mac. Today, Liz is living cancer-free and is hopeful for the future.

Initially terrified by her diagnosis, the treatment Liz received at Peter Mac opened her eyes to the possibilities cancer research can bring. Research like the type you support at Peter Mac gave Liz hope throughout her treatment. Liz continues to carry this hope as she makes the most of every cancer-free day she has with her family. 

"I pray my cancer doesn’t come back but I realise it may. Since my diagnosis in 2012, I have seen changes in treatment and breakthroughs. The generosity of your support, along with the determination and hard work of researchers like Dr Kylie Gorringe, make the possibilities endless. This gives me a lot of hope.”


Your donations to Peter Mac's cancer research are giving new hope to Liz and her family. Thank you. 

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