Donor funding kick-starts 24 innovative new cancer research projects

$1.26m in seed funding was awarded in 2018 to help kick-start some of Peter Mac's most innovative new cancer research initiatives.

2018 recipients

Dr Kara Britt

Cancer Researh
Defining how the stromal microenvironment drives tumour immune escape

Dr Rani Chahal

Cancer Surgery
Virtual Surgery School: optimising perioperative patient outcomes (Virtual PRIME Initiative)

Dr Genevieve Dall

Cancer Research
Will the epigenome reveal mammary-specific preventative targets for Breast Cancer?

Dr Jennifer Devlin

Cancer Research
A novel anaolog-sensitive biotin-labelled ATP to investigate protein kinase activity in cancer

Ms Lara Edbrooke

Cancer Nursing & Allied Health
Increasing social support and improving lifestyle behaviours of women with endometrial cancer: a pilot randomised controlled trial.

Dr Sarah Everitt

Radiation Oncology
Revolutionising the treatment of Breast Cancer with an upright positioning solution

Dr Rae Farnsworth

Cancer Research
Harbouring the enemy: Understanding how lymphatic niches regulate metastasis

Dr Nick Hardcastle

Radiation Oncology
Using artificial intelligence (AI) to enhance clinician’s recognition of and inform targeted interventions for cancer cachexia.

Dr Imran House

Cancer Research
Targeting novel regulators of CXCL9/10 to enhance anti-tumour immunity

Dr Jian Kang

Cancer Research
Using nascent proteomics to design novel combination therapies for MYC driven haematological and prostate cancer

Dr Simon Keam

Cancer Research
The missing link: p53 and cancer immunotherapy

Prof Michael MacManus

Radiation Oncology
Imaging of PD-L1 with Position Emission Tomography in animal tumour models and later in human subjects with Cancer: (IMMUNOPET Study)

Dr Donna Milne

Cancer Nursing & Allied Health
A randomised controlled pilot study of i-Move, a personalised, semi supervised exercise intervention to reduce fatigue for patients receiving immunotherapy for advanced melanoma

Dr Camilla Mitchell

Cancer Research
Screening for mediators of resistance to PI3K inhibitors in colorectal cancer

Dr Vignesh Narasimhan

Cancer Research 
A novel precision medicine adaptive clinical trial for patients with unresectable colorectal peritoneal metastases

A/Prof Paul Neeson

Cancer Research
Exploring tumour-resident memory T cells in prostate cancer

Dr Jane Oliaro

Cancer Research
Understanding how melanoma cells avoid natural killer cell recognition and killing using genetic screening

Ms Lara Petelin

Cancer Research
Expediting evidence-based personalised cancer risk assessment in familial cancer practice

Dr Brindha Pillay

Chief Medical Officer
Implementing a psychosexual intervention for couples within the first year post-allogeneic haematopoietic stem cell transplantation: a pilot study

Dr Sara Roth

Cancer Research
Finding the right MAIT for Cancer Therapy - Single - Cell RNA-Sequencing of Mucosal-associated invariant T cells in Blood, Cancer and Healthy Tissue

Dr Karen Sheppard

Cancer Research
Elucidating the mechanisms underpinning the positive association of body fat and response to targeted therapy and immunotherapies in melanoma

Dr Alesha Thai

Medical Oncology
Exploring the immune landscape of nasopharyngeal carcinoma

Dr Kasmira Wilson

Cancer Surgery
Personalising Treatment in Metastatic Colorectal Cancer

Dr Adam Yeo

Cancer Research
On the clinical need of validating state-of-the-art anatomy mapping models to adapt organ deformation in radiotherapy