Gamma Knife

Gamma Knife brings life-changing treatments to Peter Mac

It is estimated that more than 1,800 new cases of brain cancer were diagnosed in Australia in 2021. T

reatment of brain cancer can vary and may include surgery, chemotherapy and radiation therapy.

Thanks to the generosity of our supporters, Peter Mac was able to acquire a Gamma Knife which provides patients with complex brain cancers a non-invasive alternative to traditional brain surgery and whole brain radiation. Interestingly, the Gamma Knife isn’t actually a knife, but rather a non-invasive stereotactic radiosurgery instrument used to deliver highly accurate doses of radiation.

This cutting-edge radiotherapy device provides less risk of complications, less side effects and an improved quality of life for patients with brain conditions. It delivers life-changing treatments to parts of the brain that were previously considered off limits to even the most skilled surgeons.

The Gamma Knife delivers radiation with only a 0.15 mm margin of error, significantly minimising radiation to surrounding healthy tissue and its resultant side effects. It is so important to provide our patients with access to the latest technology to give them the best treatment possible.

The generosity of our supporters helped enable Peter Mac to provide this vital service.

The Gamma Knife at Peter Mac is the first of its kind in Victoria and only the third in Australia.

It is expected the Gamma Knife will treat its 200th patient in early 2022.

You can view a timelapse video of the Gamma Knife installation here.