Thank you for making new discoveries happen

“What makes Peter Mac unique is that we're embedded into the hospital, so we are connected to the patients, and everything we are doing is for our patients.” - Dr Kylie Gorringe

Dr Kylie Gorringe, a cancer researcher at Peter Mac, wants to discover cancer cures that help all cancer patients. Your support helps her, and over 650 other cancer researchers, do just that.

Kylie is researching a particular type of chemo-resistant ovarian cancer called ‘mucinous ovarian cancer’. Her team has recently discovered an explanation for why this rare cancer does not respond to chemotherapy like other common types of ovarian cancer, and supporters like you helped make this discovery possible.

The discovery means patients can avoid unnecessary treatment. But there is still more work to be done. Kylie and her team are determined to find new therapies to treat patients diagnosed with this rare type of ovarian cancer.

“My research has given me great knowledge and understanding of this rare cancer and now I am using that knowledge to discover better treatments for patients living with mucinous ovarian cancer," Dr Gorringe said.

"Your generous support allows me to do this work and I am so thankful for that opportunity. You give hope to patients facing this disease today and in the future.”