Fundraising in the community

Why face to face?

Safe and efficient

Face to face fundraising is one of the most cost-effective ways to engage passionate members of the public who wish to invest in cancer research at Peter Mac to help fund new and better treatments for people touched by cancer. Face to face fundraising is used by the most respected charities around the world, and is about 20 years old. Charities in all sectors, including health research, human rights, humanitarian aid, overseas development and animal welfare use this form of fundraising.

Transforming cancer research

It has had a transformational impact on the returns the Peter MacCallum Cancer Foundation has been able to generate for the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre, and on the cancer research discoveries the organisation has been able to make as a result.

When you set up a monthly donation, you’re helping Peter Mac by providing a predictable and sustainable stream of income that helps us plan for the future. This gives Peter Mac researchers the support they need to find new and better ways to prevent, detect, and treat cancers.

Recent discoveries in immunotherapy, and cancers of the blood, prostate and lung (to name a few), have all been enabled with the help of our regular monthly donors - our Peter Mac Discovery Partners.

Our fundraising promise

We are committed to supporting the work of Peter Mac’s researchers through fundraising of the highest standard. We promise to adhere to all legal requirements and follow industry best practice.

We promise to respect you as one of our amazing supporters. We’ll be open to all feedback and make improvements whenever we can.

Your personal information will be stored securely and never used for purposes you don’t agree to.

If you have any feedback, compliments or concerns about a Peter Mac representative you have spoken to, please call us on 1800 111 440 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Meet Amanda

Hear from one of our face to face fundraisers on why she is passionate about meeting new donors and talking about the important work done every day at Peter Mac.



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