About Us

Peter Mac's research would not be possible without the generous support we receive from our incredible community of supporters. 

About Us

Our Purpose

Peter MacCallum Cancer Foundation plays a crucial role in advancing vital cancer research at the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre. As the fundraising arm of the hospital, our primary purpose is to accelerate the pace of discovery and innovation in the field of oncology.

By raising funds from various sources, the Foundation provides critical financial support that enables ground-breaking research projects, leading to improved treatments and better outcomes for patients and their families.

The funds raised by the Foundation are directed towards supporting the exceptional researchers and scientists at Peter Mac, empowering them to make significant strides in understanding, preventing, and treating cancer.

 Did you know that Peter Mac is Australia’s only public hospital solely dedicated to cancer? 

Peter Mac is the home of Australia’s largest cancer research group, with over 750 researchers working together at Peter Mac. Donations from the public play a critical role in making our work possible.

Every donation makes a life-saving difference to people with cancer

Our researchers impact all types of cancer. Together, they are searching for new and better ways to:

  • prevent cancers before they occur, detect cancers at an early stage, give patients the best chance of a cure
  • treat cancers in ways that are more effective, and have fewer side-effects
  • support the psychological wellbeing of patients and their loved ones, during treatment and beyond
  • discover more cures so patients can lead cancer-free lives

Donations like yours play a crucial role in our cancer research. Your donation will help:

  • give leading researchers access to the specialised resources they need to discover cancer cures
  • recruit the brightest research minds from across the globe to accelerate the search for new treatments 
  • translate new laboratory findings from over 600 clinical trials into life-saving treatments for people with cancer
  • fund the purchase of new clinical technologies so that Peter Mac patients have access to cutting-edge treatments that offer the best chance of survival

Our Values

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