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New discoveries save lives. When you become a Discovery Partner by donating monthly, you play a vital role in the search for cancer cures.

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Our Discovery Partners make automated monthly donations to help fight cancer and give patients hope for the future.

One of the greatest benefits of being a Discovery Partner is the knowledge that you are helping to change the lives of people impacted by cancer. Every dollar you donate helps to fund life-saving research that is leading to new treatments and cures. This research has the potential to improve the lives of people with cancer today, and into the future.

This type of ongoing support is so important for life-saving research. Your monthly gifts will equip our researchers to find new and better treatments for all cancers.

Becoming a Peter Mac Discovery Partner a few years ago was one of the best things I have ever done in my life. I am constantly amazed at the leaps and bounds in research and I get comfort and satisfaction from knowing I have played a very small part in it. ❤️ 

Benefits of joining

As a Discovery Partner you will

  • receive exclusive updates on Peter Mac's cancer research
  • be invited to special events and gatherings

Previous Discovery Partner events have included invitations to meet some of our researchers, as well as patients whose lives have benefited from new cancer research discoveries funded by donors like you. We’ll also keep you up to date with new research breakthroughs.

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