How your support helps

Our research would not be possible without the generous support we receive from our incredible community of supporters. 

How your support helps Peter Mac's Cancer Research

Peter Mac is the home of Australia’s largest cancer research group. With laboratories embedded within the hospital, our researchers ride in the same lifts as patients and their worried loved ones. This is an incredible driver.

Our researchers are passionate and determined to find new and better treatments, as quickly as possible, so that every person with cancer has the best chance of cure. As the fundraising arm of Peter Mac, our goals are to support Peter Mac's researchers by providing critical funding to accelerate cancer research. And it's thanks to supporters like you, that we are able to do this.  


We aim to continuously improve cancer care, research & education across all cancers, for all people affected by cancer; changing lives, breaking new ground.


To enable a passionate community of supporters to contribute to better health outcomes for all people affected by cancer.


Accelerating the world’s best cancer research and care.

What's happening at Peter Mac

Every day at Peter Mac there are hundreds of laboratory scientists, clinician-researchers, research nurses and other health professionals working to discover new cancer cures and treatments.

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These talented individuals are involved in basic, pre-clinical and translational research, clinical trials and research to improve the social, emotional and physical impacts of cancer on patients, their families and carers. Because Peter Mac’s laboratory researchers are embedded within the hospital environment, they are uniquely placed to translate research discoveries as quickly as possible into real treatments for cancer patients, such as;

  • Preventing cancers before they occur, so that fewer people need face the words “You have cancer”
  • Detecting cancers at an earlier stage, so that patients have the best chance of cure
  • Treating cancers in ways that are more effective, and have fewer side-effects
  • Curing our patients’ cancers so they can lead long, happy, cancer-free lives

Our cancer researchers are internationally recognised for their leading role in accelerating the search for cancer cures. And it's thanks to the support of our incredible community, that we can distribute more funds to support their cutting-edge research. But there's still more to be done. 

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