Ways to donate

There are so many ways you can help make an impact on the future of cancer research

Trusts and Foundations

Grants from philanthropic trusts and foundations enable Peter Mac to invest in the best research initiatives, technology and support programs that fall outside of existing government or philanthropic funding opportunities.

Projects supported by philanthropic funding reflect the breadth of innovative, life-changing work happening at Peter Mac every day:

Research Support

Initiatives such as the Support for Senior Research Leaders program aims to develop and retain the brightest minds in cancer research. Thanks to generous bequests and donations, State Trustees Australia Foundation proudly supported the research of Associate Professor Kylie Gorringe, one of Peter Mac’s outstanding cancer researchers within the Cancer Evolution & Metastasis Program, researching genomic biomarkers in breast and ovarian cancers informing more accurate diagnoses and personalised therapies for patients.

Cutting-edge technology and research facilities 

Philanthropic funding purchased the Spinning Disk Confocal Microscope enabling the generation of high-quality data quickly, more efficiently and providing new insights into cellular mechanisms essential for drug discovery and development of new treatments for cancer.

Wellbeing and support services

The Rae Burnett Farmer Collins Bequest, as managed by Equity Trustees is funding the expansion of Peter Mac’s much-loved Music therapy program; grants from Telematics Trust and auDA Foundation have enabled Peter Mac to initiate online Cancer School and Prehabilitation programs, meaning patients from regional, rural and remote communities can access cancer education programs conveniently from the comfort of home.

Get in touch

We encourage interested donors to contact us to find out more about Peter Mac’s current high priority projects which might align with the interests of your organisation.

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For a confidential, exploratory conversation please contact our Head of Philanthropy, Sarah Hornby at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..