How your support helps

Our research would not be possible without the generous support we receive from our incredible community of supporters. 

How your support helps people affected by cancer

Every dollar has the power to  change a life 

Much of our work wouldn’t happen without support from people like you. Each donation helps us improve the lives of people diagnosed with cancer. Some of our cancer patients have generously shared their experiences with cancer, and how cancer research has helped to save their lives.

We'd like to share Laveena's story with you. 

Laveena’s cancer journey started in November 2013 when she noticed a small ulcer on her tongue. One look from her dentist was all it took to refer her to an oral surgeon for a biopsy. After the surgery, they called her with the news:

Laveena, you have cancer

Laveena underwent complex surgery to remove her cancer, using bone from her leg to reconstruct her jaw. She couldn’t eat or walk, and for at least six months wouldn’t be able to work. And with this came 40 days of radiation. 

People are unaware as to what actually happens and what a patient has to go through when he or she is affected by cancer – from the stage of diagnosis, treatment, surgery, after care, counselling, mental health.

This is why cancer research is so vital – so that we can continue to find gentler, kinder treatments for people impacted by cancer.

To anyone considering supporting Peter Mac I would say that I am a living example of the fruits of continued research supported by donations in the past. I urge people to give even the least they can if not the most… say give 5 dollars if you can afford it – I don’t ask for more 

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Every dollar counts towards saving a life. What an opportunity when you realise that each one of us could cause a life-changing and life-saving impact for the present and for the future. It’s important to pause, understand, reflect and think of ways we all can help to support and make this world a better place.

Laveena, a patient at Peter Mac