How others are supporting us

Every year, thousands of Australians take action to help fund the search for cancer cures.

By helping to fundraise for Peter Mac, you'll give some of the brightest minds in cancer research the specialised technology needed to make exciting research breakthroughs – breakthroughs that could save lives.

Our community of incredible individuals and organisations have rallied communities, they've hiked mountains, baked, raced, rode, ran and walked to raise funds for cancer research. Their stories showcase the relentless determination of our community, people who refuse to let cancer go unchallenged, igniting hope and paving the way for ground-breaking advancements in the fight against this insidious disease. We are so thankful to have such an incredible community of supporters!

Fundraising Hero Spotlight 

After being diagnosed with Stage 3 multiple myeloma, Alison thought she wouldn't see her children grow up. Thanks to cancer research, she's had more time with her family. Alison is on a mission to raise $1 million dollars for Peter Mac, so that more families can have time with their loved ones. 

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I know what it’s like to sit in that chair, hear the dreaded word, and be overwhelmed with fear and desperation. And I know what it’s like to be given hope. Because of cancer research at Peter Mac, there are now improved outcomes for many diseases.

I want to raise one million dollars for cancer research so that other patients can also be told that because of cancer research their chances of staying alive have improved.

- Alison Jones 

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