Invest in the future of Peter Mac's cancer research.

Our researchers rely on generous donations just like yours, to continue their search for more cancer cures and better treatments.

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Invest in the future of Peter Mac's cancer research.

Your donation will make a difference to the lives of people living with cancer

As Australia's only public hospital solely dedicated to overcoming cancer, we have the privilege to be closely involved with all our patients, their families and carers. At Peter Mac we get to see the real difference cancer research has on the lives of people living with cancer.

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How your support helps people impacted by cancer

Meet Lily

Meet Lily

"Imagine having to sign a form, saying your child may basically die on the operating table of a stroke or hundreds and hundreds of different things that could have happened."

Lily was only 5 years old when she was diagnosed with brain cancer - a rare and aggressive type with a survival rate that hasn’t improved in decades.

For children, the side effects of conventional treatments can include learning and physical disabilities, heart trouble, infertility and a host of other debilitating conditions. This can have a huge impact on not only the child’s life, but also their entire family.

We need safer, kinder and more effective treatments for children with cancer—and we need them now.

That’s why your support is so critical. 

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Meet Zach

Meet Zach

"When you get told that there's no set treatment or cure for your cancer because there are not enough funds to do research on your particular type of cancer, it's an eye opener."

When Zach was diagnosed with a rare type of head and neck cancer he was told that there was no standard pathway through treatment for him. Unfortunately, his cancer is so rare that research simply hasn't found a proven way to treat it yet.

At Peter Mac, there are researchers determined to discover cures for all cancers, including the very rare ones.

Zach remains hopeful that a cure will be found for his cancer.

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The cancer journey is about far more than just receiving treatment.

"I want to be able to make a difference - advance treatment for patients with all cancers."

"The only way we can do better is with research." Dr Alesha Thai’s work is focused on head and neck cancers – but the discoveries and breakthroughs she makes in this field have the potential to translate into all cancer types. Supporters like you are helping Dr Thai investigate a way to improve the likelihood of patients getting the most effective treatment for their cancer type, by testing treatments on their tumour in the lab.

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The cancer journey is about far more than just receiving treatment.