Donating to Peter Mac - FAQs

Is my donation tax-deductible?

Yes, all donations over $2 are tax-deductible.

The purchase of tickets to an event, raffle tickets, sponsorships, or other activities in which you receive a direct benefit of value are not tax-deductible.

Will I receive a receipt for my donation?


Online donations
Upon donating, a receipt will be emailed to you immediately.

Postal, direct deposit and in-person donations
A receipt will be posted or emailed to you two business days after we receive your donation.

Regular monthly donations
After each financial year closes, we will post one receipt for all the donations you’ve given within the year. You will receive this receipt in late July.

Can I donate in honour of a loved one, or an important milestone?

Yes, this a very powerful way to honour a loved one, or mark an important day. Read more about giving in honour here.

How will my donation be used?

Your donation will help make a life-saving difference to people with cancer.

Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre is Australia’s only public hospital solely dedicated to overcoming cancer, and the home of Australia’s largest cancer research group.

Over 650 laboratory and clinical researchers work together at Peter Mac. Their research impacts all types of cancer. Together, they are searching for new and better ways to:

  • prevent cancers before they occur
  • detect cancers at an early stage, so that patients have the best chance of cure
  • treat cancers in ways that are more effective, and have fewer side-effects
  • support the psychological wellbeing of patients and their loved ones, both during treatment and beyond
  • cure our patients’ cancers so they can lead long and happy lives, free from cancer.

Donations like yours play a crucial role in our cancer research. Your donation will help:

  • give leading researchers access to the specialised resources they need to discover cancer cures
  • recruit the brightest research minds from across the globe to accelerate the search for new treatments
  • enable more than 200 clinical trials, translating new laboratory findings into life-saving treatments for people with cancer
  • fund the purchase of new clinical technologies so that Peter Mac patients have access to cutting-edge treatments that offer the best chance of survival.

Can I direct my gift to a specific purpose?

Wherever possible, we encourage donors to give to ‘cancer research’. There are two key reasons for this:

  • New discoveries are being made every day. A gift to ‘cancer research’ enables our research leaders to ensure funding is directed to highest priority research needs (as the most urgent needs and opportunities can change over time).  A gift to ‘cancer research’ ensures Peter Mac remains nimble enough to respond to the latest opportunities in a timely and effective manner.
  • Donating to ‘cancer research’ rather than a specific cancer or project is the most powerful way to maximise the impact of your gift.  When you donate to ‘cancer research’ your gift will support research into all types of cancer. We’ll use your gift to give Peter Mac’s 600 cancer researchers access to the specialised resources that are needed to undertake all types of cancer research. To maximise the impact of your donation, we share these specialised resources across multiple teams rather than duplicating resources.

A small proportion of our donors feel passionately about supporting only one specific type of cancer, or wish to invest a significant financial gift towards a specific project. While we encourage donors to give to ‘cancer research’, where possible, we will meet a donor’s request or preference if this preference is aligned with Peter Mac’s strategic objectives.

To ensure Peter Mac remains legislatively compliant and its highest priority research needs can continue, in some cases we may be unable to comply with a donor’s request. While we retain discretion as to how donated funds are applied, people with cancer and their loved ones are always at the heart of everything we do.

What if a donation is made in error?

We understand that there may be circumstances where an error has been made with a donation, and a refund may be granted. Please review our refund policy for more details here.

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