Parking at Peter Mac

Our Melbourne campus is located at 305 Grattan Street, Melbourne VIC 3000 Australia. 

Parking at Peter Mac Foundation

The Peter MacCallum Cancer Foundation is located on the ground floor of the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre (the hospital) in Parkville, Melbourne. Find out more about the various transport and parking options available to you.

Parking at Peter Mac

The car park is open from 6am to 8pm daily. There are about 700 parking spaces at our Melbourne campus, on Basement levels 3 and 4. The height limit for vehicles is 2.2 metres.

Car parking costs 
On Weekdays (Monday to Friday) during the day (6am to 8pm)

Time Cost
 Motorbike parking FREE
 0 - 0.5 hours*  FREE
 0.5 - 1 hours  $10
 1 - 2 hours  $15
 2 - 3 hours  $20
 3 - 4 hours  $25
 4 - 5 hours  $27
 5 - 6 hours  $30
 6+ hours (daily maximum)  $35
Evening rate (6:00pm to 9:00pm) $12
Weekend day (Saturday and Sunday)  $12
 Lost Ticket  $35
 ** Concession rate $10

Discounted car parking: Patients and carers are eligible for discounted parking if:

If you are eligible for discounted parking, you can collect the concession ticket at:

  • Cashier’s desk on Level 2 (8:30am to 4:45pm on weekdays) 
  • Ground floor enquiries desk (4:45pm to 9:00pm on weekdays)

Our staff may ask to see your entry ticket, Peter Mac appointment letter, or concession card.

Directions to the car park

  • Entry to the car park is located via Flemington Road from the left hand service lane headingtowards the city. If you are on Flemington Road heading from the city there is a U-turn permitted opposite The Royal Women’s Hospital (map below for your reference)
  • Upon entry into the car park, take a parking ticket at the boom gate. Keep your parking ticket as this will be needed to exit the car park
  • Please park on levels B3 or B4

Peter Mac Parking Map

Finding the Foundation Offices

If you're coming up from the car park, head to Ground floor (G). 

Upon arrival at Peter Mac from the Grattan Street entrance, keep to the left as you walkthrough the foyer past the ‘car park lifts’ – directly ahead is a long glazed glass wall with bright purple screens. The glass wall will have a large ‘GA’ on this wall. The entrance to the Foundation office is here.


Street parking 

There is some street parking around Peter Mac’s Melbourne campus. You will need to pay for this parking from Monday to Saturday afternoon. Check local signs for charges before you park your car.   

Wheelchair access   

Wheelchairs are available for patients and their carers. You can collect a wheelchair from the carpark lift lobbies. Please return the wheelchair to the carpark lift lobby when you are finished with it. 

Getting dropped off    

Drop off zone  

There is a five minute drop off zone on Grattan Street at the front entrance of Peter Mac.  

Peter Mac carpark  

Access to the Peter Mac carpark (off Flemington Road) is free for drop off for the first 30 minutes.  

Taxis and rideshares   

There is a taxi rank across the road at the front entrance of The Royal Melbourne Hospital.