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Sadie's challenge to UpStage cancer

08 March 2024

Amateur cyclist, Sadie, embarked on a courageous journey in April 2023 to break the women's world record for the most elevation gain by bicycle in 24 hours. Sadie’s aim was to reach an impressive 14,624.89 metres.

While she faced challenges during her attempt and fell short of the record, Sadie gained valuable insights and vowed to make another attempt in the future.

Sadly, just six weeks later she was diagnosed with incurable metastatic breast cancer which had spread to her bones and her liver.

"The weeks that followed my diagnosis were terrifying and full of so much sadness. When people talk about physical waves of grief, they are not exaggerating,” said Sadie.

Commencing treatment at Peter Mac, Sadie faced numerous uncertainties, including her ability to ride a bicycle again.

However, she responded remarkably well to her initial treatment. Guided by the team of Exercise Physiologists at Peter Mac Sadie defied expectations and managed to get back on her bike.

Determined to defy the odds and inspired by her newfound strength, Sadie declared, "I'm going to attempt to break the world record again because I think I can still achieve that."

Acknowledging the inevitable progression of her cancer, Sadie, like many facing metastatic breast cancer, recognises the importance of pushing boundaries while she still can.

This time around, she will embark on her ambitious journey with a purpose beyond personal achievement.

She has named the project ‘UpStage’ symbolising her refusal to let cancer define her capabilities.

Sadie is now on a mission to raise vital funds for metastatic breast cancer research at Peter Mac where she continues to receive ongoing treatment.

Set for early April this year, Sadie's world record attempt is not just about conquering elevations; it's about conquering limitations and showcasing the indomitable human spirit.

Sadie invites everyone to follow her inspiring journey on Instagram @upstagembc.

We wish Sadie the very best as she takes on this challenge. Her resilience is inspiring as is her generosity to raise funds for Peter Mac.


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