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2021 Endowment Fund Grants: successful grant recipients

05 September 2021

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Thanks to the generosity of donors to the Foundation’s Permanent Endowment Fund, twenty-four new ground-breaking Peter Mac cancer research projects will be established. In total, $1.3m in seed funding was awarded through the Foundation's 2021 Endowment Fund Grants program to help kick-start some of Peter Mac's most exciting new cancer research initiatives.

Selected through a rigorous peer review process, this year’s innovative cancer research projects have the potential to lead to the discovery of new ideas and advance knowledge in cancer research and care.

The Foundation is very grateful to the generous individuals who make these annual Grants possible by donating to the Foundation's Endowment Fund.

Recipients of this year's Grants are:

Researcher Project Title
Dr Kirsty Carey Identifying cellular targets of novel therapeutics inhibiting messenger RNA export in cancer
 Dr Keefe Chan Understanding “sleeping cells” to develop better treatments for ovarian cancer
 Ms Elisa Cops The Inherited Cancer Connect (ICCon) Partnership Pathogenic Variant Database: A Unique National-level Initiative to Enable Familial Cancer Research
 Prof Riccardo Dolcetti New multipronged strategy to enhance the immunotherapeutic treatment of brain metastasis.
 Dr Julia Dubowitz The impact of perioperative administration of seasonal influenza vaccine on recurrence rates of solid tumours
 Dr Mohamed Fareh A novel RNA editing technology as treatment for virus-driven tumours
 Dr Heidi Fettke Molecular profiling of circulating tumour DNA from advanced prostate cancer patients receiving Lutetium PSMA radionuclide therapy
 Dr Luc Furic Identifying α-helical stapled peptides that can bind to STEAP1 for theranostic application against prostate cancer
 Dr David Goode Building a statistical framework for studying changes to the tumour immune microenvironment
 Dr Sue Haupt Discovering new explanations of cancer sec-disparities to guide precision medicine
 Dr Tanjina Kader Understanding the role of Natural Killer cells in suppressing breast cancer development.
 Dr James Korte Sitting up for Radiotherapy: design and evaluation of an upright patient positioning system
 Dr Erin Laing Development of a neuroendocrine tumour-specific nutrition-risk screening tool to identify patients with neuroendocrine tumours requiring nutrition intervention and education
 Dr Emily Lelliott Using genetic screens to unleash the cancer-fighting potential of the immune system.
 Dr Fiona Lynch Acceptability and feasibility of Managing Cancer and Living Meaningfully (CALM) in people with non-small celi lung cancer (NSCLC) treated with novel therapies
 Ms Celia Marston Feasibility of the CSNAT-DC intervention to optimise hospital discharge in advanced cancer: a single-arm, open label study
 Dr Simone Nüessing Improving adoptive T cell therapy through development of a novel genetic screen for regulators of T cell receptor stability
 A/Prof Jane Oliaro A new mouse model to test a novel combination CAR-T cell therapy for breast cancer
 A/Prof Belinda Parker Development of preclinical models for immunotherapeutic targeting of METastasis (Imet).
 Dr Angela Pizzolla Defining the targets of the T cell immune response in human papillomavirus related oropharyngeal cancers
 Mr Timothy Semple Evaluation of Long Road Sequencing in Single Cell Genomics
 Dr Joseph Sia Investigating the immunological impact of radiosurgery for brain metastases from breast cancer
 Dr Clare Slaney Corona CAR providing a road map to cancer treatment
 Dr Joe Zhu Switching CAR-T cell suppression to activation in cold tumours


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