Peter Mac Discovery Partners

As a Discovery Partner, you make one of the most powerful contributions possible in the fight against cancer.

Each Discovery Partner is part of an inspiring and passionate community of Australians dedicated to overcoming the many cancers that sadly affect so many of us.

Making breakthroughs possible

Discovery Partner gifts are vital to the work of Peter Mac as they ensure our researchers can rely on sustainable, long-term funding for their life-saving cancer research. Thanks to generosity like yours, breakthroughs in cancer research have already led to cancer survival rates increasing 20% in the last three decades. As the pace of discovery accelerates, just imagine what could happen in the years ahead.

What's involved

Our Discovery Partners provide our researchers with guaranteed funding to continue their life-saving work. To keep you informed on the impact you're helping make possible, you will:

  • have the chance to meet our world-class researchers and gain valuable insight into their work
  • receive regular updates on breakthroughs in the fight against cancer
  • be given the opportunity to participate in special events and activities.

If you'd like to join the fight, sign up as a Discovery Partner now.

Your donation

We encourage you to only donate at a level that you're comfortable with. You can change the amount at any point.

Tax deductible
All Discovery Partner donations are tax-deductible - an annual tax receipt will be sent to you each year in July.

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Updating your donation

If you need to make a change to your donations at any time, you can contact us on 1800 111 440 to discuss your options.